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WorkFirst Oversight Task Force, Legislative-Executive

Serves as a platform for legislative and executive branches to oversee redesign of the WorkFirst program, and the partner agencies' implementation of the redesign of the WorkFirst Program and operation of the temporary assistance for needy families program to ensure that the programs are achieving desired outcomes for their clients. The Task Force also determines evidence-based outcome measures for the WorkFirst program, including measures related to equitably serving the needs of historically underrepresented populations- such as English language lerners, immigrants, refugees, and other diverse communities; and develop accountability measures for WorkFirst recipients and the state agencies responsible for their progress toward self-sufficiency. The Task Force also serves in an advisory capacity to the Governor and the Legislature regarding policies to improve the effectiveness of the WorkFirst program over time, early identification of those recipients most likely to experience long stays on the program and strategies to improve their ability to achieve progress toward self-sufficiency. Last but not least, it makes necessary changes to the programs, including taking into account federal changes to the temporary assistance for needy families program.