Behavorial Health Integration

The State of Washington has committed to integration of medical care, substance use treatment and mental health care. The goal is to improve the care of our clients and patients with the goal of integration statewide by 2020.

To accomplish this the Behavioral Health Integration Work Group, composed of agency employees, counties, BHOs and tribal governments has developed assessments and action plans. They have developed assessments and action plans to accomplish this change.

For functional and financial integration, the agencies have been tasked to understand the functional, structural and financial changes needed to achieve financial and functional integration at the state level that best supports clinical integration.

They reviewed the Early Adopter and BHO development process for lessons learned, identified the impacts on other agencies/administrations services that impact the full continuum of care and proposed a plan and timeline including functional, structural and financial alignment to achieve the changes needed to maximize success.

For Crisis and Non-Medicaid services and populations, a committee of community, agency and legislative staff reviewed non-Medicaid services and services provided to Non-Medicaid individuals, families and communities that are or need to be available in a fully integrated Model using the experience in Southwest Washington as a starting point. They were asked to develop recommendations about which services are best delivered by Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) and which are outside of the MCOs and delivered on a community wide basis. They reviewed proposed models for administration including options for counties and non-MCO groups. They were asked to outline what are county responsibilities; what are state responsibilities and how these are integrated at the local level and with MCOs.

For Tribal interface and integration a sub-group composed of Tribal, HCA and DSHS representatives were asked to make recommendations about state budget, policy, and administrative realignments that are needed to support fully integrated care for American Indians/Alaska Natives (AI/ANs) in Washington State by 2020, with a focus on reducing barriers to access to care for AI/ANs and encouraging a more integrated interface between the state and regional health care system and the Tribes and Urban Indian Health Organizations.

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