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Bill Action Taken

Bill Number Chamber Description Governor's Action Signed Date
1395 House Relating to job order contracts and procedure. Signed Thu, Apr. 27, 2017
1400 House Relating to creating Washington state aviation special license plates. Signed Fri, Apr. 14, 2017
1401 House Relating to court removal of child welfare guardians ad litem. Signed Fri, Apr. 21, 2017
1402 House Relating to the rights and obligations associated with incapacitated persons and other vulnerable adults. Signed Wed, May. 10, 2017
1406 House Relating to adjusting the surface mining funding structure. Signed Fri, Jul. 7, 2017
1411 House Relating to dental licensure through completion of a residency program. Signed Fri, Apr. 21, 2017
1417 House Relating to the harmonization of the open public meetings act with the public records act in relation to information technology security matters. Signed Thu, Apr. 27, 2017
1420 House Relating to theatrical wrestling. Signed Mon, Apr. 17, 2017
1427 House Relating to opioid treatment programs. Signed Tue, May. 16, 2017
1431 House Relating to increasing the number of members on the board of osteopathic medicine and surgery. Signed Fri, Apr. 21, 2017
1444 House Relating to facilitating on-time grade level progression and graduation for certain students. Signed Thu, May. 4, 2017
1445 House Relating to dual language in early learning and K-12 education. Signed Mon, May. 8, 2017
1449 House Relating to water recreation facilities. Signed Fri, Apr. 21, 2017
1450 House Relating to creating and establishing the rights and duties for title insurance rating and advisory organizations. Signed Fri, Apr. 21, 2017
1462 House Relating to adding authority to the department of agriculture to regulate sanitary processing of marijuana-infused edibles. Signed Thu, Apr. 27, 2017
1464 House Relating to the development of cooperative agreements to expand recreational access on privately owned lands. Signed Mon, May. 8, 2017
1465 House Relating to exempting from public disclosure certain information regarding reports on wolf depredations. Signed Mon, May. 8, 2017
1467 House Relating to removing disincentives to the voluntary formation of regional fire protection service authorities by establishing parity, equalizing certain provisions with existing laws governing fire protection districts, and clarifying the formation process. Signed Fri, May. 5, 2017
1475 House Relating to clarifying the limited authority of gambling commission officers. Signed Tue, Apr. 25, 2017
1477 House Relating to disclosure of health-related information with persons with a close relationship with a patient. Signed Tue, May. 16, 2017
1481 House Relating to creating uniformity in driver training education provided by school districts and commercial driver training schools. Signed Fri, May. 5, 2017
1489 House Relating to private wildland fire suppression contractors. Signed Fri, Apr. 21, 2017
1490 House Relating to eliminating the requirement that a city or town provide preservation rating information on a certain percentage of its arterial network. Signed Thu, Apr. 27, 2017
1493 House Relating to biometric identifiers. Signed Tue, May. 16, 2017
1501 House Relating to protecting law enforcement and the public from persons who illegally attempt to obtain firearms. Signed Wed, May. 10, 2017


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