Collection Agency Board

Regulates collection agencies within the state and holds disciplinary hearings. The Board also recommends and adopts rules and regulations for administering the regulatory law.
Board Website
Policy AreaGeneral Government
Governor Appointments4
Total Board Positions5
Statutory AuthorityRCW 19.16.280
Public Disclosure Required?No
Senate Confirmation Required?No
Compensation$50 per day, plus travel and per diem
Term Length (years)4
Statutory Term Limits
Member Requirements: Two licensees actively engaged in the collection agency business for a minimum of five years in Washington state and two members of the general public. No board member shall be employed by or have any interest in, directly or indirectly, as owner, partner, officer, director, agent, stockholder, or attorney, any collection agency in which any other board member is employed by or has such an interest. In addition, no member shall hold any other elective or appointive state or federal office.