Personnel Resources Board

Conducts hearings and makes decisions to resolve appeals filed by civil service employees of the state of Washington. Assures the fair and efficient administration of the civil service laws and rules and the rights of employees and management while protecting the interests of the state's citizens.
Board Website
Policy AreaLabor
Governor Appointments3
Total Board Positions3
Statutory AuthorityRCW 41.06.110
Public Disclosure Required?No
Senate Confirmation Required?Yes
Compensation$100 per day plus per diem
Term Length (years)6
Statutory Term Limits
Member Requirements: Must have an interest and belief in the merit principle. Member must not hold other employment with the state, must not have been an officer of a political party for a period of one year immediately prior to appointment, and must not be or become a candidate for partisan elective public office during the term they have been appointed.