Public Disclosure Commission

Administers and enforces Washington's public disclosure law and ensure that the provisions of the disclosure law are fully met. The Commission should also conduct a sufficient number of audits and field investigations to provide a statistically valid finding regarding the degree of compliance with the provisions.
Board Website
Policy AreaTransportation and Economic Development
Governor Appointments5
Total Board Positions5
Statutory AuthorityRCW 42.17A.100
Public Disclosure Required?Yes
Senate Confirmation Required?Yes
CompensationReimbursement for travel, meals, and lodging + $100 per day
Term Length (years)5
Statutory Term LimitsNo member is eligible for appointment to more than one full term
Member Requirements: No more than three members can be from same political party. No member, during their tenure, shall hold or campaign for public office; be an officer of any political party or political committee; permit their name to be used, or make contributions in support of or in opposition to any candidate or proposition; participate in any election campaign; or lobby or assist any lobbyist. No person shall be eligible for appointment for more than one full term.