Salmon Recovery Funding Board

Provides grants to protect and restore salmon habitat and assists related activities from the amounts appropriated to the Board. The Board also makes and executes all manner of contracts and agreements, including accepting gifts, grants, or loans of funds, property, or financial aid in any form from any other source.
Board Website
Policy AreaNatural Resources and Environment
Governor Appointments5
Total Board Positions10
Statutory AuthorityRCW 77.85.110
Public Disclosure Required?Yes
Senate Confirmation Required?Yes
Compensation$100 per day plus reimbursed for travel expenses
Term Length (years)4
Statutory Term Limits
Member Requirements: The governor appoints five members of the board. One of the voting members shall be a cabinet-level appointment as the governor's representative to the board. Board members will represent the general public and shall not have a financial or regulatory interest in salmon recovery. The Governor will appoint the chair from the general public members.