Utilities and Transportation Commission

Regulates rates, services, facilities, and practices of state's investor-owned utility and transportation companies to protect consumers ensuring that utility and transportation services are fairly priced, available, reliable, and safe. The Commission also regulates businesses including electric, telecommunications, natural gas, and water, and in-state household movers, solid waste carriers, private ferries, and inter-city busses.
Board Websitehttps://www.utc.wa.gov/about-us/commissioners
Policy AreaClimate and Energy
Governor Appointments3
Total Board Positions3
Statutory AuthorityRCW 80.01.010
Public Disclosure Required?Yes
Senate Confirmation Required?Yes
Term Length (years)6
Statutory Term Limits
Member Requirements: The commission shall be composed of three members appointed by the governor. No more than two members can belong to the same political party.