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Statewide Reentry Council, Washington Idowu, Ayodele Southwest 07/12/2023 06/30/2025 Representing faith-based organizations or communities
Statewide Reentry Council, Washington Jefferson Jr., Willy Puget Sound 07/17/2023 06/30/2025 Representing a statewide organization representing public defenders
Statewide Reentry Council, Washington Young, Hilary Puget Sound 07/12/2023 06/30/2025 Representing housing providers
Student Achievement Council, Washington Vincent, Jeffery Steven Puget Sound 09/15/2023 06/30/2027 General Public
Student Achievement Council, Washington Samateh, Mustapha Puget Sound 08/25/2023 06/30/2024 Student Representative - undergraduate student
Transportation Commission Baldwin, JC Northeast 07/03/2023 06/30/2029 Eastern WA
Traumatic Brain Injury Council Anderson, Chad Southeast 08/24/2023 07/20/2026 Social worker or
clinical psychologist
with experience working with persons with TBI
Traumatic Brain Injury Council Brummett, Taylor Amanda Southeast 08/24/2023 07/20/2026 Rehabilitation specialist with experience working with persons with TBI
Traumatic Brain Injury Council Nolte, Daphne Montagu Puget Sound 08/24/2023 07/20/2025 Family Member of Individuals with TBI
Traumatic Brain Injury Council Terlinchamp, Julia Puget Sound 08/24/2023 07/20/2026 Person with TBI
Traumatic Brain Injury Council Kahlo, Tracy Puget Sound 08/24/2023 07/20/2026 Nonprofit serving individuals with TBI
Western Washington University Board of Trustees Stone, Max A Northwest 07/03/2023 06/30/2024 Student Representative
Women’s Commission, Washington State Franklin, Anna Marie Northeast 07/19/2023 06/30/2026 General Public