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Students looking for information on Washington state should start with the guide Simply Washington. Our state's official website,, is also a great resource for information on topics ranging from state history to education and government.

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  • Have you ever camped in a state or national park? Have you seen Washington's state bird, the willow goldfinch, or an elk in the wild? Information about the fascinating and diverse wildlife in Washington state, from coyotes and black bears to razor clams and salmon, can be found on the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's website.
  • Explore Washington's diverse habitats and wildlife at any of the 150+ campsites and hiking trails on Washington State Park's website.
  • Want to go to an actual rain forest? Or visit the city where the "Twilight" series takes place? Information about the many unique and wonderful places to visit and the many cultures in Washington can be found on our state tourism website, Experience Washington.

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  • If you want to tour the beautiful Washington State Capitol building, find out how or take the online tour.
  • Find out how you can tour the State Capitol Museum.
  • For lots of facts and information about the history of the Capitol, which stands 287 feet tall and contains concrete weighing as much as 3740 African elephants, go here.