Reports published by The Office of the Governor.

Date Title Report Link Summary
Washington Federal Funding Roadmap Project: Phase 1 Report This project will help the state access the unprecedented amount of federal funding available to achieve Washington’s climate, natural resource protection, workforce development, sustainable economic development, and equity goals. The roadmap project is intended to guide actions that position state government and other entities in Washington to successfully acquire and deploy federal funds – leveraging available state funds - to achieve state goals.
Lower Snake River Dams: Benefit Replacement Report This report is the result of a joint federal-state process that evaluated the feasibility of breaching the Lower Snake River Dams as a way of protecting endangered salmon and steelhead species. The recommendations emphasize that breaching of the Lower Snake River Dams is only feasible after state and federal officials have replaced or mitigated the benefits of the dams.
2021 Governor’s salmon strategy update In 2021, Governor Jay Inslee updated the statewide strategy for recovering salmon to renew the State’s commitment to restoring salmon populations. Drawing from decades of lessons learned, emerging challenges, and the best science, the updated strategy recommends bold actions to achieve a future with healthy and resilient salmon, restored to harvestable levels across the state.
Governor’s Task Force on Independent Investigations of Police Use of Force Report In June 2020, Gov. Jay Inslee convened a task force of community, law enforcement, and other members to provide recommendations which would be used as input in the development of legislation on independent investigations of police use of force. The task force recommends the creation of an independent, statewide agency that will be responsible for investigating police use of force and other serious incidents involving police. An advisory board of community members should provide input on the hiring of the agency director and a special prosecutor.
Lower Snake River Dams Stakeholder Engagement Report The intent of this draft report is to summarize the views of Washingtonians on retaining or breaching the Lower Snake River Dams (LSRD). It was prepared in response to recommendations of Gov. Inslee’s Southern Resident Orca Task Force to further investigate the impacts of breaching the LSRD to provide more salmon for Southern Resident orcas to eat.
Southern Resident Orca Task Force Report and Recommendations The Southern Resident Orca Task Force focused on developing a package of recommendations that, if implemented, would collectively have the impact needed to achieve the vision of a thriving and resilient Southern Resident orca population.
Governor's Poverty Reduction Work Group Interim Progress Report The Governor’s Poverty Reduction Work Group (PRWG) is a collaboration of state agencies, legislators, state racial and ethnic commissions, tribal and urban Indians, employers, workforce development councils, community-based organizations, and philanthropy. Current work of the group can be found at
Report of the Washington State Blue Ribbon Commission on the Delivery of Services to Children and Families Governor Inslee established the Washington State Blue Ribbon Commission on the Delivery of Services to Children and Families and charged it with recommending a structure for a new state department focused solely on improving services and outcomes for children, youth and families.
Investigative report regarding sentencing miscalculations at the state Department of Corrections On December 17, 2015, Governor Jay Inslee first learned that for over 13 years the Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) had been releasing certain prison inmates earlier than their sentences allowed. After a brief investigation, on December 22, 2015, Governor Inslee notified the public that DOC had erroneously released more than 3,000 inmates earlier than they should have been released. On the same day he made this announcement, Governor Inslee hired Carl Blackstone and Robert Westinghouse of the Yarmuth Wilsdon law firm to conduct an investigation of how this problem occurred, who was responsible, and how similar problems could be prevented in the future.
SR 530 Landslide Commission Final Report The SR 530 Landslide Commission was tasked with reviewing the SR 530 Oso landslide of March 22, 2014, and the collective response to it, including the initial emergency search and rescue, recovery of victims, community efforts, incident management, and coordination among local, county, state, tribal and federal governments.
Carbon Emissions Reduction Taskforce Report to the Governor Governor Inslee's Executive Order 14-04 (issued in April 2014) established the Carbon Emissions Reduction Taskforce and charged it to "provide recommendations on the design and implementation of a carbon emissions limits and market mechanisms program for Washington." Inslee noted that a recent independent review of existing state and federal policies prepared for the Climate Executive and Legislative Workgroup (CLEW) concluded that Washington will not meet our statutory limits without additional action.
Climate Legislative and Executive Workgroup Report to the Legislature The Climate Legislative and Executive Workgroup was created by the Legislature to recommend a state program of actions and policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, that if implemented would ensure achievement of the state’s emissions targets in RCW 70.235.020.
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