Bill Action FAQs

When does a bill reach the governor’s desk?

Before the governor signs a bill, it must first be signed in open session in both the Senate and House. Once the house speaker and senate president sign the bill, it’s delivered to the governor’s office. This process can take several days following the passage of a bill by the Legislature.

How long does the governor have to sign a bill?

Bills that are delivered to the governor more than five days before the Legislature adjourns have five days to be acted on. Bills that are delivered fewer than five days before the Legislature adjourns have 20 days to be acted on by the governor.

How are the five days and the 20 days counted?

Both are counted as calendar days, not business days. Sundays are not counted, but Saturdays and state holidays are counted.

How are bills scheduled for action, whether they are five-day or 20-day bills?

The governor’s office schedules bill signings. Often they are signed in the governor’s office in the order they are received; however:

  • Bills may be grouped together by issue or location. For example, several education bills may be signed at the same time or bills affecting a region of the state may be signed together in that region.
  • Legislators can request a specific date for signing.

How do I find out when a bill is going to be signed?

The bill action schedule and memos are posted on this website above. Always double check the bill action schedule on the day of your bill signing as sometimes bills may be held at the last minute for further consideration

I'd like to attend a bill signing. What do I need to know?

Bill action ceremonies will not be open to the general public. Bill sponsors are able to invite a limited number of guests. Members of the public can view the bill signings on TVW.

Information for guests who receive an invitation:

  • The bill action notice gives the location and time of the bill signing. Possible locations include:
    • Governor's Conference Room on the second floor of the Legislative Building
    • State Reception Room on the third floor of the Legislative Building
    • Off-site locations around the state
  • Capitol Campus building map is available here.
  • Parking information for the Capitol Campus is available here.
  • When you arrive at the governor's office, line up in the hallway. Our staff will call groups into the conference room when their bill is being signed.
  • Children are welcome. Service animals only are also allowed in the office.
  • During the signing, guests should form a group behind the governor. The spots immediately to the governor's left and right are reserved for the legislators who sponsored the bill. After the governor gives brief remarks, a photographer will take a group photo available for purchase here. The bill signings are also recorded and available for viewing on