Bill Actions

Bill action for the 2023 legislative session has concluded. You can view footage of the bill signings on TVW

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Veto Archive

Bill Number Chamber Description Governor's Action Signed Date
1335 House Relating to the unauthorized publication of personal identifying information. Signed Tue, May 9, 2023
1563 House Relating to arrest protections for the medical use of cannabis. Signed Thu, May 4, 2023
1656 House Relating to unemployment insurance benefits appeal procedures. Signed Thu, Apr 13, 2023
1171 House Relating to modifying the motorcycle safety education advisory board. Signed Thu, Apr 20, 2023
1534 House Relating to strengthening protections for consumers in the construction industry. Signed Mon, May 1, 2023
1255 House Relating to reducing stigma and incentivizing health care professionals licensed by the Washington state nursing care quality assurance commission to participate in a substance use disorder monitoring and treatment program. Signed Thu, Apr 20, 2023
1474 House Relating to creating the covenant homeownership account and program to address the history of housing discrimination due to racially restrictive real estate covenants in Washington state. Signed Mon, May 8, 2023
1498 House Relating to aviation assurance funding in response to wildland fires. Signed Mon, May 15, 2023
1500 House Relating to increasing the cap on gross sales for cottage food operations. Signed / Partial Veto Tue, May 9, 2023
1638 House Relating to the creation of a state trooper expedited recruitment incentive program. Signed Mon, May 15, 2023
1340 House Relating to actions by health professions disciplining authorities against license applicants and license holders for providing reproductive health care services or gender affirming treatment. Signed Thu, Apr 27, 2023
1102 House Relating to judge pro tempore compensation. Signed Thu, Apr 6, 2023
1701 House Relating to assigning the superintendent of public instruction the responsibility for the delivery and oversight of basic education services to justice-involved youth served through institutional education programs in facilities that are not under the jurisdiction of the department of social and health services. Signed Thu, May 4, 2023
1536 House Relating to requirements governing the withholding of high school diplomas. Signed Tue, May 9, 2023
1756 House Relating to supporting clean energy through tax changes that increase revenue to local governments, schools, and impacted communities. Signed Thu, May 11, 2023
1636 House Relating to foreclosure protections for homeowners in common interest communities. Signed Mon, May 1, 2023
1100 House Relating to the disposition of the remains of a county resident who dies indigent in an adjacent county outside of Washington. Signed Thu, Apr 13, 2023
1336 House Relating to splitting the volunteer firefighters' and reserve officers' relief and pension principal fund into two accounts. Signed Thu, Apr 13, 2023
1564 House Relating to prohibiting the sale of over-the-counter sexual assault kits. Signed Thu, May 4, 2023
1782 House Relating to the operating and maintenance deficit of the Wahkiakum county ferry. Signed Thu, May 11, 2023
1406 House Relating to youth seeking housing assistance and other related services. Signed Thu, Apr 20, 2023
1772 House Relating to prohibiting the manufacture, importation, and sale of products that combine alcohol and tetrahydrocannabinol. Signed Mon, May 1, 2023
1542 House Relating to requiring automated external defibrillators to be available and accessible when work is being performed on high voltage lines and equipment. Signed Thu, May 4, 2023
1460 House Relating to the department of natural resources trust land management. Signed Tue, May 9, 2023
1132 House Relating to oversight and training requirements for limited authority Washington peace officers and agencies. Signed Tue, Apr 25, 2023