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Veto Archive

Bill Number Chamber Description Governor's Action Signed Date
5497 Senate Relating to medicaid expenditures. Signed Thu, May 11, 2023
5714 Senate Relating to payments made for property taxes or special assessments by an automated check processing service. Signed Tue, May 9, 2023
5121 Senate Relating to the joint select committee on health care and behavioral health oversight. Signed Thu, Mar 30, 2023
5425 Senate Relating to fire protection sprinkler system contractors. Signed Thu, May 4, 2023
5599 Senate Relating to supporting youth and young adults seeking protected health care services. Signed Tue, May 9, 2023
5104 Senate Relating to surveying Puget Sound marine shoreline habitat. Signed Mon, May 15, 2023
5319 Senate Relating to pet insurance. Signed Thu, Apr 6, 2023
5399 Senate Relating to future listing right purchase contracts. Signed Tue, May 9, 2023
5347 Senate Relating to access to abstract driving records. Signed Thu, Apr 20, 2023
5433 Senate Relating to derelict aquatic structures. Signed Mon, May 1, 2023
5338 Senate Relating to a review of the state's essential health benefits. Signed Thu, Apr 13, 2023
5290 Senate Relating to consolidating local permit review processes. Signed Mon, May 8, 2023
5165 Senate Relating to electric power system transmission planning. Signed Wed, May 3, 2023
5066 Senate Relating to clarifying that health care benefit managers must file contracts with health carriers with the office of the insurance commissioner. Signed / Partial Veto Thu, Apr 20, 2023
5606 Senate Relating to deterring illegal racing. Signed Thu, May 4, 2023
5365 Senate Relating to the purchase, use, and possession of vapor and tobacco products by minors. Signed Tue, May 9, 2023
5440 Senate Relating to providing timely competency evaluations and restoration services to persons suffering from behavioral health disorders within the framework of the forensic mental health care system consistent with the requirements agreed to in the Trueblood settlement agreement. Signed Mon, May 15, 2023
5569 Senate Relating to creating exemptions from certificate of need requirements for kidney disease centers due to temporary emergency situations. Signed Thu, Apr 6, 2023
5512 Senate Relating to adding financial transparency reporting requirements to the public four-year dashboard. Signed Fri, Apr 14, 2023
5152 Senate Relating to defining synthetic media in campaigns for elective office, and providing relief for candidates and campaigns. Signed Tue, May 9, 2023
5457 Senate Relating to implementing growth management task force legislative recommendations regarding small cities. Signed Thu, May 4, 2023
5504 Senate Relating to open motor vehicle safety recalls. Signed Thu, May 11, 2023
5142 Senate Relating to creating an account for the pharmaceutical rebate revenue generated by the purchase of medications for people living with HIV who are enrolled in the early intervention program. Signed Thu, Mar 30, 2023
5006 Senate Relating to clarifying waiver of firearm rights. Signed Thu, May 4, 2023
5617 Senate Relating to career and technical education course equivalencies. Signed Tue, May 9, 2023