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Veto Archive

Bill Number Chamber Description Governor's Action Signed Date
5143 Senate Relating to changing the name of and adding a member to the commission on pesticide registration. Signed Thu, Apr 6, 2023
5078 Senate Relating to protecting public safety by establishing duties of firearm industry members engaged in the sale, manufacturing, distribution, importing, or marketing of firearms, ammunition, component parts, or accessories, to adopt and implement reasonable controls to prevent the diversion of firearms and related products to straw purchasers, firearm traffickers, unauthorized individuals, and individuals who pose a risk to themselves or others, to prohibit such firearm industry members from Signed Tue, Apr 25, 2023
5502 Senate Relating to ensuring necessary access to substance use disorder treatment for individuals entering the graduated reentry program at the department of corrections. Signed Tue, May 9, 2023
5367 Senate Relating to the regulation of products containing THC. Signed Tue, May 9, 2023
5003 Senate Relating to increasing the number of district court judges in Snohomish county. Signed Thu, Mar 30, 2023
5452 Senate Relating to authorizing impact fee revenue to fund improvements to bicycle and pedestrian facilities. Signed Thu, Apr 20, 2023
5720 Senate Relating to risk mitigation in property insurance. Signed Thu, May 11, 2023
5287 Senate Relating to a study on the recycling of wind turbine blades. Signed Thu, May 4, 2023
5189 Senate Relating to establishing behavioral health support specialists. Signed Thu, May 4, 2023
5650 Senate Relating to salary inflationary increases for K-12 employees. Signed Thu, Apr 6, 2023
5131 Senate Relating to money received by the department of corrections on behalf of inmates from family or other outside sources for the purchase of commissary items. Signed Thu, Apr 20, 2023
5561 Senate Relating to extending the expiration date of the law enforcement community engagement grant project. Signed Tue, Apr 25, 2023
5531 Senate Relating to special use permits for milk product haulers. Signed Thu, May 4, 2023
5191 Senate Relating to reforming the real estate agency law to require written brokerage services agreements, improve consumer disclosures, and provide that certain legal duties of brokers apply to all parties in the transaction. Signed Thu, May 4, 2023
5565 Senate Relating to modifying tax and revenue laws by making technical corrections, clarifying ambiguities, easing compliance burdens for taxpayers, and providing administrative efficiencies. Signed / Partial Veto Tue, May 9, 2023
5081 Senate Relating to victim notification. Signed Tue, May 9, 2023
5001 Senate Relating to public facilities districts created by at least two city or county legislative authorities. Signed Mon, May 1, 2023
5555 Senate Relating to addressing the behavioral health workforce shortage and expanding access to peer services by creating the profession of certified peer specialists. Signed / Partial Veto Mon, May 15, 2023
5283 Senate Relating to the waiver of the fundamentals examination for professional engineer and land surveyor licensing applicants by comity. Signed Thu, May 4, 2023
5304 Senate Relating to testing individuals who provide language access to state services. Signed Fri, Apr 14, 2023
5179 Senate Relating to increasing access to the provisions of the Washington death with dignity act. Signed Thu, Apr 6, 2023
5084 Senate Relating to creating a separate fund for the purposes of self-insured pensions and assessments. Signed Thu, Apr 20, 2023
5096 Senate Relating to expanding employee ownership. Signed Tue, May 9, 2023
5186 Senate Relating to requiring antidiscrimination clauses in public contracting. Signed Mon, May 15, 2023
5412 Senate Relating to reducing local governments' land use permitting workloads, by ensuring objective and timely design review for housing and other land use proposals within cities and counties and allowing proposed housing within urban growth boundaries to rely on environmental reviews completed at the comprehensive planning level. Signed Tue, May 9, 2023