Proclamations are formal public declarations from the governor. Often proclamations declare states of emergency or call the legislature into a special session. Proclamations on this page are unique from the ceremonial proclamations issued by the governor’s office.

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Number Issued Title Status
20-52.11 08/05/2022 COVID-19: Statewide Orders Relating to Long-Term Care Active
20-36.11 08/05/2022 COVID-19: DOH Facilities and Hand Sanitizer Active
20-32.12 08/05/2022 COVID-19: Health care worker licensing Active
20-24.4 08/05/2022 COVID-19: Restrictions on Non-Urgent Medical Procedures Active
20-56.9 06/01/2022 COVID-19: Tribal Fuel Tax Refund Restrictions Rescind Active
20-23.17 06/01/2022 COVID-19: Ratepayer Assistance and Preservation of Essential Services Rescind Active
21-14.5 05/20/2022 COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement Amendment Active
20-28.16 04/29/2022 COVID-19: Open Public Meetings Act and Public Records Act Active
20-15.12 04/29/2022 COVID-19: Department of Licensing Active
20-69.5 04/15/2022 COVID-19: Residency for Tuition Waivers Active
20-31.12 04/08/2022 COVID-19: Division of Child, Youth, and Families – Child Care and Background Checks Active
20-48.11 04/01/2022 COVID-19: Department of Licensing – CDL Health Certificates and Other Requirements Inactive
20-41.13 04/01/2022 COVID-19: Department of Licensing – License and Permit Renewal Extension Inactive
21-14.4 03/23/2022 COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement Amendment Active
20-25.19 03/11/2022 COVID-19 Washington Ready Active
21.08.01 02/17/2022 COVID-19 Safe Workers Active
21-08.01 02/17/2022 COVID-19 Safe Workers Active
20-25.18 02/17/2022 COVID-19 Washington Ready Inactive
20-03.07 02/17/2022 Face Coverings - Statewide Active
22-02 01/19/2022 Green Crab Infestation Active