Governor Inslee's statement on Senate budget

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“The vote today in the Senate produced a budget that would move our state in the wrong direction. The short-term and short-sighted budget tricks in this plan would hamper our economic recovery and do further damage to vital services for seniors and children. And, as key education leaders across the state have made clear, this budget would harm our ability to provide a quality education to our children.

“I believe it is time to make a firm and real commitment to rebuilding our economy, and to make good on our moral and constitutional obligation to adequately fund our schools. I put forward a plan to do that by putting education over tax breaks. These tax breaks — including an outdated one for oil companies — simply don’t measure up to the urgent needs of our schoolchildren.

“I was heartened by comments from some who voted for this budget that they recognize the significant problems with the Senate plan and see the value of my proposal for a responsible and sustainable budget. I will work with them in the coming days on a budget that rebuilds our economy, supports our children’s education and protects vital services.”

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Jaime Smith
Governor Inslee’s Communications Office