Gov. Inslee statement on Washington state's comments to EPA carbon rules

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This week, the state of Washington submitted formal comments to the Environmental Protection Agency in response to its proposed Clean Power Plan to limit carbon pollution from existing power plants. The state’s comments and a cover letter from Inslee can be found here.

“I commend the Obama administration and the EPA for their leadership in confronting the problem of carbon pollution. While our comments offer some suggestions for improving the proposed rules, they make clear that Washington strongly supports EPA’s efforts.

“By using Section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act, the EPA has developed a proposal that creates an effective structure for achieving significant carbon emission reductions in the electricity sector while supporting investments in clean energy innovation.

“The EPA calls on Washington to significantly reduce emissions from fossil-fueled power, increase its percentage of electric load served by renewable energy and increase its energy efficiency and conservation efforts. We have work to do, yet in each of these areas, Washington is well-positioned to meet EPA’s proposed target while ensuring that electric service remains reliable and affordable.

“I applaud the Washington Department of Ecology, the Washington Department of Commerce and the Utilities and Transportation Commission for their close collaboration in developing the state’s comments. We will continue to work together as we move toward a clean energy future.”

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Utilities and Transportation Commission

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