Gov. Jay Inslee statement on need for Congress to pass the Marketplace & Internet Tax Fairness Act

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"The Marketplace & Internet Tax Fairness Act is among the most important actions Congress can take to support our state this year. The legislation would finally level the competitive playing field between online retailers and Washington state brick-and-mortar small businesses and allow our state and local governments to receive uncollected revenue due them under current tax law.

"Earlier this year I contacted each member of Washington's congressional delegation to urge support of this legislation. The bipartisan National Governors Association and others have also called for passage of this legislation before the end of the year. I appreciate the support that some members have provided for this policy, including in the U.S. Senate's overwhelming passage of the Marketplace Fairness Act last year.

“I am, however, concerned by recent statements from House leadership indicating that this bill that enjoys support from both parties may not even be considered in that body. It is now vital that every member of our delegation work hard to ensure passage of the Marketplace & Internet Tax Fairness Act for the president's signature this year."

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