Gov. Jay Inslee visits Tri-Cities to meet with local leaders, celebrate new Trios Southridge Hospital

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KENNEWICK – As part of a day-long visit to the Tri-Cities, Gov. Jay Inslee cut the ribbon on the new Trios Southridge Hospital today, saying the facility represents not just advancement in health care for the area, but a new opportunity to spur economic development.

“We know quality public services help attract economic development,” Inslee said. “Both employers and workers look for things like good schools and good health care facilities when making decisions where to locate.”

“In that way, this new, state-of-the-art hospital is an asset not only to this community, but to the entire Tri-Cities region.”

The new hospital is 168,000 square feet with 74 private rooms, 27 emergency and trauma rooms and six operating rooms. The hospital is scheduled to open July 15.

“It’s been 62 years since this community has seen a new hospital and in that time we have seen exponential growth,” said Trios Health CEO Glen Marshall. “It’s time for a new hospital to continue to grow with the community and offer health care choices.”

In Tri-Cities today, Inslee also held a roundtable with local Latino leaders and met with business leaders of the TriCity Development Council (TRIDEC).

Inslee will be back in Eastern Washington next week with stops in Spokane Thursday and Yakima Friday. His visit will include lunch with the Rotary Club of Spokane, stops at North Central High School, WSU-Spokane, and Heritage University and the Treaty Days Parade.

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Jaime Smith
Governor Inslee’s Communications Office