Letter from Gov. Jay Inslee on Carbon Emissions Reduction Task Force (CERT) report

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TO: Carbon Emissions Reduction Task Force

FROM: Jay Inslee, Governor

“I want to thank you for your important and thoughtful work on behalf of Washington’s citizens, businesses and, most importantly, children and grandchildren. Your advice on how Washington can best reduce risks posed by climate change, and position Washington businesses to lead in the development of clean energy solutions, will help us as we develop and implement a comprehensive approach to meet the state’s carbon pollution laws.

“You volunteered your time to evaluate the use of the market to efficiently and effectively reduce carbon pollution in Washington. You represent a wide range of interests and diverse perspectives and geographies. Reflecting the best of Washingtonians, you responded whole heartedly, giving your care and expertise to give us a thorough, balanced assessment of the options, and a clear sense of the important next steps. In particular, your evaluation provides us with a strong set of principles that every Washingtonian can embrace as a guide for moving forward.

“I understand your finding that each of the policy approaches under consideration offers strengths and weaknesses for Washington, and that market based approaches can make a unique contribution to reaching our statutory carbon emissions limits.

“You note Washington enjoys an unusually green electricity system, a tradition of innovation in business and the significance of transportation as a driver of emissions in the state. I agree that thoughtful consideration of each of these should inform, and will inform, our policy choices. And your insights will help us make those choices.

“Any market-based approach will have implications for our economy, and I understand you were briefed with preliminary analyses conducted by the Office of Financial Management. I agree we must make decisions based on the best economic and scientific data available. And I agree that we will need to refine our economic analysis, in order to inform a specific policy proposal.

“Once again, I thank you for your perseverance and diligence. The task force report will be an important foundation to our efforts to move ahead to secure a safe, prosperous and resilient future for all Washingtonians.”

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Jaime Smith
Governor Inslee’s Communications Office