Gov. Inslee statement on release of EPA’s final Clean Power Plan

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“On behalf of Washington state I want to thank President Obama and EPA Administrator McCarthy for delivering a strong and common sense plan for achieving significant cuts in carbon pollution. For the first time our country will have an effective federal structure for limiting carbon pollution from power plants that pollute our air.

“We know in this Washington that the effects of climate change are real and threaten our way of life. Our state is already experiencing costly climate impacts in the form of more intense wildfire seasons, water supply challenges, coastal erosion and ocean acidification along our shores and more. The president is absolutely right to take action and prove to the doubters, the deniers and critics from powerful and polluting industries that we do not have to choose between our health and our economy. Indeed, urgent and meaningful climate action is essential for both.

“In Washington state we’ll continue to lead the nation toward a clean energy future. The Clean Power Plan gives all states an important opportunity and an incentive to reduce carbon pollution and build more innovative, efficient and cleaner energy systems. Here in Washington we'll go further. We will cap carbon pollution using our state's own Clean Air Act, we will continue to invest in clean technologies and we will promote a smarter grid and cleaner transportation alternatives.”

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Jaime Smith
Governor Inslee’s Communications Office