Inslee statement regarding heeding evacuation orders in Eastern Washington due to wildfire danger

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“I want to urge people in the area of any Washington wildfire to heed evacuation orders and not take unnecessary risks. If you hear your town or area is under a Level 3 immediate evacuation notice that means there is very serious and very real threat.

“The weather forecast this weekend calls for gusty and dry conditions that could lead to extremely fast-moving and dangerous fire growth. This could place hundreds of people in danger.

“Many Eastern Washington communities are threatened by the growing fires. If you receive a Level 3 evacuation notice, you should leave the area immediately. You should follow all evacuation instructions you are given. Local authorities who want you to evacuate are concerned with the immediate safety of you and your family.

“If you choose not to evacuate, you must understand that emergency services will not be able to assist you. Your life may be at risk. Firefighters will not be allowed to enter the area. All roads may be inaccessible due to fire. Roadblocks and 24-hour patrols will be established in the area. You will not be allowed to return until conditions are safe.

“Stay safe and know that many people are doing everything possible to contain the fires and protect people and property.”

Media Contacts


David Postman
Governor Inslee’s Communications Office

Friday contact: Mark Stewart
Washington State Emergency Operations Center, Washington Military Department

Saturday contact: Karina Shagren
​Washington State Emergency Operations Center, Washington Military Department