Statement from Gov. Jay Inslee about a statewide transportation investment package

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“I've been fighting to get a transportation package since my first day in office and now is the time for the Legislature to act.

“The state needs a transportation package and lawmakers have negotiated a bipartisan proposal that is nearly ready to be voted on.

“The current bill has a poison pill that pits clean air against transit. I oppose that and have worked hard to find a better alternative. But legislators tell me it is essential to passing the $15 billion multi-modal transportation package and authorizing an additional $15 billion for Sound Transit light rail expansion.

“I will sign the bill even with this provision because of the jobs, safety improvements and traffic relief that the investments would provide.

“I urge legislators to finish the job and pass this package by Tuesday so I can sign it as soon as possible."

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David Postman
Governor Inslee’s Communications Office