Statement from Inslee cautioning risks posed by use of fireworks during drought

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“An early wildfire season has already begun in our state, and conditions all across the state are much drier and hotter than usual. The 4th of July weekend is approaching and there is, rightfully, heightened concern about the risks posed by use of fireworks. No matter what people have done with fireworks in past years, these conditions require us all to exercise an extraordinary amount of caution and safety this year.

“Pursuant to state law, some local jurisdictions have imposed restrictions or bans on fireworks, so it’s important to check with your local municipality. I have received numerous inquiries about the possibility of a statewide fireworks ban. I asked our legal team to look into our options, and it does not appear that I have the authority to initiate such a ban. Existing state law limits my authority in this area. I have, however, already issued a statewide emergency proclamation to activate additional resources that will help prevent and contain wildfires, and I’ll continue urging residents to do all they can to keep themselves and their neighbors safe this 4th of July.”

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Jaime Smith
Governor Inslee’s Communications Office