West Coast Clean Economy Grew Twice as Fast as Overall Economy

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Statement from Gov. Jay Inslee on the release of the Pacific Coast Collaborative's jobs update report:

“The global shift away from fossil fuels to a clean energy future is happening and it’s happening now. States like Washington, working closely with our partner states and provinces, are helping lead the way. This is the right thing to do for the future of our children and health of our planet, and is one of the greatest economic opportunities of our generation to establish our state as a leader in a growing new industry and create thousands of jobs.”


LOS ANGELES – As the COP 21 global climate conference gets underway in Paris, leaders from four jurisdictions of North America’s West Coast—British Columbia, California, Oregon, and Washington—are holding up a new report as evidence that the region’s collective leadership on climate change is bringing positive changes to the area.

The report, West Coast Clean Economy: 2010-2014 Jobs Update, released today by The Delphi Group, reveals that not only are climate and clean energy policies nurturing and growing the clean economy, but they are also a key driver of the region’s overall economic growth.

United regionally through the Pacific Coast Collaborative (PCC), British Columbia, California, Oregon, and Washington are working with cities and businesses to build thriving, sustainable, and livable low-carbon economies on North America’s West Coast. Together, the PCC represents the world’s fifth largest economy, a region of 53 million people with a combined GDP of $2.8 trillion. The Delphi Group report illustrates the impact sub-national jurisdictions can have if they exchange shared commitments to measures that aid both the economy and the environment. PCC leaders are bringing this message, and their successful model, to the international climate negotiations in Paris.

Key findings from the report include the following:

The West Coast Economy as a Whole

• The clean economy growth rate in the Pacific Coast Collaborative region is more than twice (2.2 times) as fast as the region’s overall job growth.

• As of 2014, the region includes 577,372 clean economy jobs, an increase of 91,656 (approximately 19 percent) since 2010.

• The greening of the West Coast is being seen most clearly in the green building, energy efficiency, and clean energy supply sectors, which are among the fastest growing clean sectors.

Individual Jurisdictions

British Columbia
• The province has 68,165 clean economy jobs, a 12.5 percent increase since 2010.
• British Columbia’s clean economy GDP rose to C$6.31 billion by 2014, a 19.3 percent increase from 2010.

• The state had 368,200 clean economy jobs as of 2014, a 24 percent increase since 2010.
• California’s clean economy GDP grew by more than 32 percent since 2010.
• The Golden State added 71,000 new clean economy jobs since 2010.

• The state added 4,800 clean economy jobs to a total of 48,321, growing 11 percent since 2010, faster than the state’s overall economy.
• Oregon’s clean economy GDP grew 25 percent to reach $7 billion since 2010.

• The state added 8,230 clean economy jobs to a total of 92,658, growing at a rate of 9.9 percent since 2010, faster than the state’s overall economy.
• Washington’s clean economy GDP grew 22 percent since 2010.

The Pacific Coast Collaborative was established to address the unique and shared circumstances of the Pacific coastal areas and jurisdictions in North America by providing a framework for co-operative action, a forum for leadership and the sharing of information on best practices, and a common voice on issues facing coastal and Pacific jurisdictions. More at http://www.pacificcoastcollaborative.org/.

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