Gov. Jay Inslee announced the appointment of Jeffrey Bassett to the Kitsap Superior Court

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Gov. Jay Inslee today appointed Jeffrey Bassett to the Kitsap Superior Court. Bassett replaces retiring Judge Jay Roof, who has served honorably since 1994.

Bassett has had a solo practice in Bremerton since 2010, primarily focused on family law. Previously he served as the senior counsel at Palace Law Offices.

“Jeffrey has impressed me with his commitment to his clients and his passion for the law,” Inslee said. “He carries himself in a very professional and ethical manner and I am proud to appoint him to the court.”

Bassett has also served as a public defender and practiced at a law firm specializing in personal injury cases. He graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s in English and earned his juris doctor from the Florida State College of Law.

Bassett’s term is effective this month.

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Governor Inslee’s Communications Office