Statement from Gov. Jay Inslee regarding ruling on King County Superior Court climate action case

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Gov. Jay Inslee today made the following statement regarding the King County Superior Court bench ruling in the Foster case regarding the state's adoption of a Clean Air Rule.

“This case is a call to act on climate, and that call is one that has been a priority for me since taking office. Our state is helping lead the way on climate action in our country.

“It appears the court is essentially reaffirming the need to do what we've already committed to doing, which is putting a policy in place by the end of the year that reduces carbon pollution in Washington state.

“In a way it is gratifying that the court has also affirmed our authority to act, contrary to the assertion of those who continue to reject action on climate change and ocean acidification. Hundreds of people have participated in the creation of our state's Clean Air Rule and the draft will be out in just a few weeks. People can also view the webinar held earlier this week in which over 500 people participated.

"I'm fully committed to making sure we do our part to protect our air and water for our children in the years ahead."

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