British Columbia and Washington partners in climate action, high tech, good jobs

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B.C. Premier John Horgan and Governor Jay Inslee resolved to strengthen the partnership between British Columbia and Washington state, and act jointly to fight climate change, grow the tech sector and create good jobs across the region.

Today, Inslee and Horgan met privately, where they discussed trade, climate change and stronger transportation links between the regions. Following the meeting, Inslee addressed the B.C. legislature. The last time a Washington state governor addressed the B.C. legislature was in 1984.

“Governor Inslee and I are excited about working together to deliver strong, sustainable economic development that works for people on both sides of the border,” said Premier Horgan. “Through initiatives like the Cascadia Innovation Corridor, we’re building stronger bonds between B.C. and Washington state, including better transportation links and the expansion of innovative industries like the job-creating tech sector.”

“Washington state and British Columbia share an important history and our people all share an innovative spirit,” Inslee said. “This region is stronger when we face challenges and opportunities together.

The leaders discussed the importance of the Pacific Coast Collaborative’s joint action on climate change.

“Our government is making B.C. a leader in climate action. We’re working with climate leaders around the world to cut carbon pollution, while making life more affordable for people and creating good jobs,” said Horgan. ”We have a true partner in Governor Inslee in the fight against climate change.”

“Today, I am here with the hope that together we will usher in a new era ― one that moves past polluting fossil fuels and embraces a clean-energy future,” Inslee said. “There is no doubt in my mind that clean-energy technologies open doors to economic prosperity. And they are also key to our strategy to not just mitigate, but defeat climate change. This is one of the greatest challenges of our time.”

Inslee’s visit marks the first official bilateral meeting hosted by Premier Horgan since taking office in July 2017.

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