Inslee meets with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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Gov. Jay Inslee today met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss cross-border collaboration on climate action, trade and economic development.

“It’s an opportunity to talk about the incredibly close ties between Washington state and British Columbia, and indeed, all of Canada,” Trudeau said at the start of the meeting. “We’re both very strongly engaged on issues of climate change, on issues of openness to trade, on leadership on refugees as well, and an understanding that diversity can be a real source of strength.”

“We share so much more with Canada than just a common border,” Inslee said. “We share an incredible commitment to defeating climate change and a recognition that we can grow our economies while we're doing that. We share a view that innovation is the very heartbeat of our economies. We share this commitment to keep our hearts open to the dispossessed and refugees of the world, and to have a leader of our neighbor to the north who is committed to these things is great. I'm looking forward to this discussion.”

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