Inslee statement on GOP tax plan in Congress

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“The Republican tax plan is yet another giveaway to the wealthiest taxpayers paid for by the middle class. The proposal to eliminate the state and local sales tax deduction would impact more than 800,000 hard-working Washingtonians who use this deduction to reduce their federal tax bill. This proposal would increase their federal taxes by hundreds of dollars per year, on average, and it would pressure our state and local governments to slash important services that our communities rely upon, like education, health care, and public safety. I am also very concerned about the proposed repeal of tax deductions for health care expenses, student loan interest, and other current federal tax benefits that support the middle class and our state’s economy.

“We should all be frustrated that, much like they tried and failed to do in their efforts to repeal health care, Republican leaders plan to jam this bill through Congress without any public input that is essential to shaping thoughtful public policy. Congress should reject this proposal and instead join Arizona Senator John McCain in calling for any approach to tax reform to be bipartisan, and to follow regular order.”


Earlier this week Inslee stood with the Mayor Pro Tempore and middle-class Washingtonians in Vancouver calling on Congress to reject proposals that would repeal the state and local sales tax deduction and increase taxes on working families.

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Tara Lee
Governor Inslee’s Communications Office