Inslee statement on legislative action on Hirst

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"Legislative leaders told me today they have reached an impasse on a bill to address the Hirst decision. I asked Senate Republicans if they would accept a 24-month delay to give property owners relief, but they told me they would not. There have been other offers throughout this session, and as recently as today the House provided the Senate a permanent fix I would have supported, but the Senate has rejected those as well.

"At this point, a 24-month delay is the best approach to give the legislature time to evaluate a permanent fix while giving suffering property owners immediate relief. Senate Republicans have used the dramatic testimony of property owners such as Zach Nutting to make the case for a Hirst fix. And when my office spoke with Zach this week, he agreed that HB 2248, which would provide a 24-month delay, would provide that relief.

"The 24-month proposal would ease the uncertainty and suffering of Zach and others caught in similarly difficult situations."

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Tara Lee
Governor Inslee’s Communications Office