Leading in the maritime sector: Washington launches Maritime Blue 2050 initiative

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Ocean health and new technologies will play major roles in the future of the maritime industry, and state leaders want Washington’s $37.8 billion maritime sector and its nearly 70,000 employees to help lead the way.

Gov. Jay Inslee visited Seattle today to help launch the Washington Maritime Blue 2050 initiative, the first initiative of its kind in the United States to bolster innovations in the maritime sector that create living-wage jobs, protect the environment and ensure sustainability for the industry. Imagine ships and passenger ferries powered by electricity, zero-carbon-emission port terminals, more investments in research and development, and increased workforce training.

Studies predict that in coming decades, scientific and technological advances will play a crucial role in addressing ocean-related environmental challenges and ocean-based economic activities. Every segment of the state’s maritime sector will face changes, prompting leaders in government, research, businesses and academic communities to get involved in the initiative.

Washington’s maritime sector includes commercial fishing and seafood, recreational boating and sport fishing; shipping and cargo handling; shipbuilding, repair and maintenance; passenger ferries; military and defense; marine technologies; and maritime support businesses.

The initiative was made possible by a $500,000 grant to the Washington State Department of Commerce from the U.S. Economic Development Administration’s Regional Innovation Strategies program.

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Governor Inslee’s Communications Office