Statement from Inslee regarding newest U.S. Senate Republican health care proposal

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"Senate Republicans have outdone themselves with a health care plan that incorporates the worst of their worst ideas. It would cut millions of people from Medicaid. It would drive up costs for sick and low-income Washingtonians. It undermines the private health market, greatly increases costs for people with pre-existing conditions, and continues to undermine care for seniors, people with disabilities, children and working families.

“Knowing how bad these cuts look, they try to say they’re increasing funding for opioid treatment and state-based reforms, but the reality is they are gutting all of the programs that allow us to get people the treatment they need, whether for substance abuse, cancer treatment, maternal care or preventive care.

“Fewer fights in D.C. will have as swift and severe an impact on the people of Washington state as this one. Our state’s delegation must stand strong against this reprehensible attack on working families.”

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Jaime Smith
Governor Inslee’s Communications Office