Inslee statement regarding Trump proposal to export coal out of West Coast military bases

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“This reckless, harebrained proposal undermines national security instead of increasing it, and it undermines states’ rights to enforce necessary health, safety and environmental protections in their communities. The men and women who serve at our military bases are there to keep our country safe, not to service an export facility for private fossil fuel companies.

“If the president is interested in national security, he should take a look at the Pentagon reports that say climate change is a national security threat itself. We’re seeing that threat now in the form of increasingly severe hurricanes, wildfires, floods and droughts. This president’s ‘national security’ response? Increase coal exports using Washington state’s military bases. This is outrageous.

"What's more, the administration's attempt to ignore and subvert state environmental laws will fail -- miserably. Washington maintains the right and obligation to enforce the laws protecting Washingtonians' clean air and clean water.

“Our state has been left in the dark about the Administration's latest scheme. We’ve seen the news reports but have yet to hear from them in person. This effort is just the latest attempt at an end run around Washington’s authority to safeguard the health and safety of our people.

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Tara Lee
Governor Inslee’s Communications Office