Washington prepares for workforce changes caused by automation, AI

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Stores without cashiers and self-driving vehicles are just the beginning of the changes expected in the workforce because of automation, robots and artificial intelligence, and governors throughout the country want to prepare workers and our economy for that transition.

Over the weekend, Gov. Jay Inslee led a discussion on the future of work among his fellow governors, who had convened in Santa Fe for the National Governors Association’s summer meeting. Inslee is co-chair of the NGA’s Education and Workforce Committee and was selected Saturday to continue in that role next year with Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson.

“In all 50 states, we share the promises of artificial intelligence and automation, but we also have anxiety in our communities about the transition associated with these changes,” Inslee said. “As governors, we must ensure that this transition improves people’s lives and our economy.”

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