Washington state gets an ‘A’ for use of technology

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Washington state received top marks today from the Center for Digital Government, earning an A- in the 2018 Digital States Survey.

The survey, conducted every two years, evaluates states’ use of technology to improve service delivery, increase capacity, streamline operations and reach policy goals and assigns each state a grade.

Under the Digital States criteria, a grade of A reflects a state that is trending sharply up. Washington also received an A- on the survey in 2016. The state got a B+ in 2014 and a C- in 2012.

The survey recognized Washington, in part, for its work in Transportation (3rd Place), and in Public Safety (5th Place).

“We are making great strides across state government in improving our IT infrastructure, which ultimately means providing better and more efficient services for the people of Washington," Gov. Jay Inslee said. "The Center for Digital Government report recognizes the hard work of our state’s information technology teams."

The report, among other things, noted Washington state’s work to reduce its carbon footprint “with efforts like increasing zero emission vehicle fleets and incorporating renewable energy into new buildings like the Helen Sommers Building.”

In addition, Digital States complemented Washington for its One Washington project, “a wide-reaching effort to modernize and improve Washington’s aging administrative and business processes.” The report also highlighted the state’s new Driver and Vehicle System (DRIVES) – part of a $60 million multi-year business and technology modernization project.

“We’re excited that the Center for Digital Government has again recognized the efforts of Washington's IT employees,” said Vikki Smith, Washington state’s acting chief information officer and director of Washington Technology Solutions. “Technology is constantly evolving and this report points out that we’re not only keeping pace, but helping to lead the way for improved and more efficient services.”

The Digital States Survey was designed to highlight best and emerging technology practices that serve as models and/or can be shared across state borders. The survey evaluated states based on a set of criteria that included actions supporting state priorities and policies to improve operations or services, hard- and soft-dollar savings/benefits, progress since the last survey, innovative and citizen-centric services, and effective collaboration. Those states receiving high marks demonstrated results across all criteria.

The states will receive their awards on October 21st at an awards presentation in San Diego. Five states received an A in this year’s survey. Washington was one of eight states to receive an A-.

More information on the Digital States Survey can be found here.

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