Community leaders kick off year-long census 2020 efforts

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We’re one year away from the start of the 2020 census and leaders in Tacoma, Seattle, Pasco and other Washington cities are part of the all-out effort to deliver one crucial message: Fill out the census form because your voice counts.

Gov. Jay Inslee convened a Complete Count Committee in October 2018 to bring together partners from across the state to make sure every resident understands the importance of participating. While the Trump administration has proposed significant changes — such as limiting financial resources for the census and adding a question about citizenship status — that could discourage participation in low-income or underrepresented communities, the committee is working with state agencies and community leaders on strategies for reaching those households. And agencies such as the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction are partnering with schools and universities to develop student-centered outreach plans.

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Tara Lee
Governor Inslee’s Communications Office