Engineered wood product industry helps lower carbon emissions and create jobs

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Gov. Jay Inslee joined state leaders to celebrate a mass timber manufacturing facility in Spokane Friday that could usher in a new chapter of building green — or at least, greener than building construction has operated in the past.

“This is just one example of how we can create jobs, transition to a cleaner economy and build new infrastructure with a lower carbon footprint through innovation,” Inslee said. “Our state leads in so many ways, and now Washington will lead the nation in manufacturing cross-laminated timber for buildings. This is a leap forward for sustainable construction and economic development in our state.”

The governor toured the facility with Senator Maria Cantwell and Washington Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz.

The cross-laminated timber factory started production in July. Todd Beyreuther, senior director of advanced building materials at Katerra, said it will bring approx. 150 manufacturing jobs to the City of Spokane Valley and 50 research, design, engineering and construction jobs to City of Spokane.

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