Govs. Inslee, Brown and Newsom letter on abortion bans to fellow governors

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In case you missed it: Govs. Jay Inslee, Kate Brown and Gavin Newsom sent a letter today to fellow governors across the country regarding new and restrictive abortion bans. The governors are asking other states to review their laws and enact protections, programs and policies to safeguard a woman’s right to choose.

The letter reads, in part, "The common goal among these bans and restrictions is clear: to violate a woman’s constitutional right to safe and legal abortion, contrary to 40 years of precedent.

"In the absence of federal leadership on this issue, states must step up and put in place their own protections — both in statute and in their state constitutions, and through the expansion of family planning and education — to defend every American’s right to reproductive freedom."

Read the full letter here.

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Tara Lee
Governor Inslee’s Communications Office