Inslee, Ferguson statement on final EPA rollback of Clean Power Plan

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Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson released a statement today on the Trump administration’s final "Affordable Clean Energy" rule, which significantly increases carbon pollution and conventional air pollution compared to the Clean Power Plan.

“Today’s action is one of the most dangerous steps taken by the Trump administration to date for the health of our families, our environment and our economy. Our nation and our planet cannot afford for the federal government to be a bystander in the climate crisis, and we will challenge this unlawful action in court.

"By finalizing this plan, the EPA is abandoning its legal and moral responsibility to protect Americans against the harmful effects of carbon pollution, and sending a clear signal that it cares more about propping up the dirtiest sources of energy than it does about protecting the American people. Their own analysis acknowledges the plan will cause thousands of additional people to die and suffer from illnesses from increased pollution in this country. What’s worse, the EPA has somehow made its plan even weaker and more feckless — increasing carbon emissions compared to its original proposal last year.

“This rule effectively leaves it to individual states to protect themselves from the harms of climate change, and leaves the United States isolated in the world, actively undermining the progress other nations are making to reduce their carbon emissions. States like Washington will continue to press forward, because it’s clear we must take the lead. Our communities have experienced the dire consequences of inaction, including horrific wildfires, extreme heat and dangerous flooding. We have also proven that bold climate action goes hand-in-hand with creating jobs and building a strong economy. That’s why Washington passed 100 percent clean energy and a full suite of other policies to reduce emissions across sectors. But carbon emissions and pollution do not respect borders, and without a strong federal partner we are leaving our children and grandchildren vulnerable to an increasingly hostile climate.

“The Trump administration has chosen to ignore the facts, the clear science, and the letter of the law. The EPA has a legal obligation — as established by the bipartisan Clean Air Act and subsequent court rulings — to keep Americans safe from dirty and polluted air and the impacts of climate change. We can’t and won’t stand for this abdication of responsibility."

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