Inslee letter opposing Trump Administration overtime rules

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Gov. Jay Inslee sent a letter yesterday to the U.S. Department of Labor in opposition to the Trump Administration's overtime rules.

Inslee sharply criticized the Administration's actions that would leave millions of Americans without overtime pay, who would have received overtime protections under the Obama Administration rules from 2016.

"Modernizing our federal overtime rules is essential. However, this proposal is woefully inadequate and misses the mark for our nation’s workers. It leaves behind more than 3 million employees who would have been entitled to overtime pay under the Obama Administration’s rules, depriving them and their families of the labor protections and fair compensation they deserve. It also fails to ensure the rules are updated automatically to prevent erosion and maintain protections for future generations. As a nation, we can and must do better.

"I urge you to withdraw this flawed proposal and adopt overtime rules that truly reflect and honor the dignity of American workers."

Late last year, Inslee directed the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries to update the state’s overtime rules. L & I is expecting to propose new rules in the coming weeks.

Read the full letter here.

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