Inslee response to the State of the Union address

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“President Trump appeared before the American people tonight asking everyone to ‘choose greatness.’

“He should take his own advice. Over the past two years he’s chosen nothing but division and derision, pursuing policies that stoke fear in communities and families across the nation.

“The president governs from crisis to crisis, imperils our nation’s standing in the world, endangers our future by denying the threats of climate change and sells out working people in favor of wealthy special interests.

“Our country deserves better from its leaders and the president’s words tonight ring hollow.

“If the president really wants to promote a strong union, he will stop vilifying our free press and individuals who dare to disagree with him. He will take bold action to fight climate change. He will work across the aisle to pass comprehensive immigration reform. He will protect people’s health care, not undermine it. He will stop using federal workers as political pawns and not compound their economic insecurity by threatening another government shutdown.

“The actions of the president, members of his administration and his family speak louder than mere words. The State of our Union is strong because of the millions of people who do the right thing every day and put the interests of their families, communities and country above personal gain and empty rhetoric.”

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Tara Lee
Governor Inslee’s Communications Office