Maritime Blue: Washington’s strategy for a “Blue Economy”

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Gov. Jay Inslee launched the Maritime Blue 2050 initiative Tuesday, the first initiative of its kind in the country to bolster innovations in the maritime sector that create living-wage jobs, protect the environment and ensure sustainability for the industry. The initiative is meant to build on Washington’s strengths as a global leader in maritime technology innovation and best practices.

As part of that launch, the governor created the Maritime Innovation Advisory Council to develop a comprehensive plan for stakeholders to accelerate and support technology, innovation and best practices throughout the state’s entire maritime industry. The Advisory Council presented the governor with their report today at the Maritime Blue Strategy roll-out in Seattle.

Washington’s maritime sector includes commercial fishing and seafood, recreational boating and sport fishing; shipping and cargo handling; shipbuilding, repair and maintenance; passenger ferries; military and defense; ocean science technologies; and maritime support businesses.

Read the full story on the governor’s Medium page.

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Governor Inslee’s Communications Office