New food benefit debit cards work to reduce stigma and improve efficiency

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Families and individuals who receive Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Nutrition Program food benefits can now use WIC cards and the WICShopper app when they head to the grocery store.

Washington’s WIC program introduced the new tools earlier this year to reduce stigma, improve efficiency and improve the participants’ shopping experience.

“This rollout of new WIC tools for low-income families is about increasing access to nutritional food while decreasing perceived stigmas or prejudice as they use their food benefits in a grocery store checkout line,” Inslee said. “This is really about feeding kids and making sure that what they get is healthy and nutritious.”

WIC provides eligible families with nutrient-rich foods to supplement their diets. The program is for pregnant women, new and breastfeeding moms, and children under five. About 275,000 participants use the program, which means almost half of all babies in Washington are on the WIC program.

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