Salmon and recovery efforts grow through natural shoreline restoration, land-based whale watching

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Gov. Jay Inslee toured three projects in Northern Washington Wednesday to see how state agencies, tribes, local governments and nonprofits are carrying out recent legislation to aid orca and salmon recovery. He visited a restored fish passageway in Arlington called Edgecomb Creek that will bring more fish into waterways. The governor also saw how experts recently restored a Cornet Bay shoreline to its natural habitat and then experienced a land-based whale watching tour through a Whale Trail site.

The projects directly contribute to a healthier, more robust ecosystem for Southern Resident orcas, salmon and forage fish.

“Each of these projects tell the story of orca health and the components we need to have a chance at whale recovery,” Inslee said. “We’re looking at how we can provide more fish with more miles of passageways, how we can get back to natural habitats along our beautiful shores, and how we engage and get folks invested in orca and salmon recovery. This is important work that gets to the heart of who we are as members of the same Pacific Northwest family.”

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Governor Inslee’s Communications Office