Statements from Inslee and Kreidler on Trump administration action to overturn critical health protections for transgender patients

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The Trump administration proposed rules today rolling back health care protections for transgender patients.

The Obama administration included transgender patient protections as part of a rule enforcing a section of the Affordable Care Act that banned discrimination in health care based on sex.

This is the latest discriminatory action the Trump administration has taken against transgender individuals. He has rolled back provisions related to transgender individuals serving in the military, as well as protections for transgender students.

“This disgraceful attack puts American lives in jeopardy and undermines equal access to health care for all workers and all families,” Gov. Jay Inslee said. “We will not sit quietly while the administration establishes separate and unequal policies that harm our transgender community. We will take every action needed to preserve these critical protections for all transgender people living in Washington state.”

In 2014, Kreidler called on all health insurers in Washington state to treat all transgender people fairly and cover their needs on par with cisgender people.

“The president was elected to represent all Americans,” Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler said. “This dangerous policy will harm millions of transgender people in our country who already face higher rates of violence, homelessness, unemployment, lack of medical care and suicide rates than cisgender people. Washington state has a long-standing reputation of protecting the health and lives of all its residents, regardless of gender or gender identity. We will fight to protect our ability to increase access to care for all Washingtonians.”

More information about transgender rights:

If you think your insurance is discriminating against you, file a complaint.

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