Inslee issues proclamation to help with delivery of goods and products after of winter storms

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Gov. Jay Inslee today issued a proclamation that ensures the timely delivery of certain goods and products while crews continue to clear roads of snow and tree debris.

“Road closures resulting from severe weather have delayed, and will continue to delay, essential intrastate collection and delivery of bulk milk products by motor carriers and drivers of commercial motor vehicles between dairy farms and processing facilities, creating an emergency situation in the delivery of essential food supplies as drivers of these trucks cannot complete their routes within the time limits prescribed by the commercial motor vehicle driver hours of service rules,” Inslee said in his proclamation.

Inslee also noted that road closures are impacting the delivery and transportation of fuel products to communities along US Highway 2, creating an emergency situation interrupting the delivery of fuel commodities to residents anticipated to be without power for another two weeks.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) limits the number of hours commercial vehicle drivers can be on the road. This proclamation exempts drivers that collect or deliver either bulk milk products from dairy farms to dairy processing facilities and between processing facilities, as well as those making fuel deliveries to municipalities impacted along Highway 2 from FMCSA restrictions.

“I ask the motor carriers for the bulk milk and fuel industries to use their best judgment in operating under this exemption in a manner that ensures public health and safety,” Inslee added.

The Washington Military Department, through the State Emergency Operations Center, continues to monitor the ongoing situation and maintains contact with local jurisdictions to help assess the impacts and coordinate assistance, if necessary.

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Mike Faulk
Governor Inslee’s Communications Office