Inslee issues proclamation waiving College Bound scholarship signature requirement

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Gov. Jay Inslee issued a proclamation today waiving the signature requirement for students enrolling in the College Bound scholarship.

College Bound Program Pledge Waivers (20-77):

This proclamation waives the mandatory College Bound Scholarship Program Pledge in RCW 28B.118.010(3). These pledges are in paper form, typically signed by 7th and 8th graders, witnessed by a parent/guardian, and then forwarded to the office of student financial assistance. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, students do not have the in-person recruitment and support from teachers and counselors to complete this process, which is necessary for students to be eligible to receive grants when they go to college. In fact, grant sign-ups have taken a significant decline since March. Students making the College Bound scholarship pledge while this proclamation is effective will not need to submit a signed form at a later date.

Read the full proclamation here.

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