Inslee statement on safe voting and secure election results

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Gov. Jay Inslee issued a statement today ahead of Tuesday's elections.

"Record voter turnout in Washington state and around the nation is a powerful reminder of who's in charge as this tumultuous election reaches its final state: The people.

"That means elections are not final until all votes are counted. There may be instances where the outcomes aren't certain on election night. Washingtonians' commitment to civility, respect and nonviolence will be honored during that time. Nothing could be more important for the continuation of our democracy.

"State and county elections officers – representing every region of our state – are in charge of this process. I have every reason to be confident our state's election system will produce an outcome that represents the will of the voters. If you haven't voted yet, please do it now – and know you can do it safely.

"We know elections take time to count accurately. We know how this works and we can be a model for the nation. Our government's power belongs to the people. It did before this election, and that will continue after this election."

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